Bill has been with The SHARE Foundation for seven years, with the last five years as executive director. Ethan is also the co-captain of his schools Robotics Club, a Patrol Leader in Boy Scouts, and the founder of his schools American Red Cross Club. In Corpus Christi, he engages in fundraising opportunities for a variety of nonprofits, plays piano for residents at a home for the elderly, volunteers at a local food bank, and still manages to find time to tutor peers in math, biology, chemistry, and physics. Other than math and magic, he also volunteers his time sharing about Indian culture with the greater local community. He also received the Presidents Volunteer Service Award from three consecutive U.S. Presidents: Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and the Community Champion Award bestowed by the Starbucks CEO and president. In the US, honors students may refer to: Students recognized for their academic achievement on lists published periodically throughout the school year, known as honors roll, varying from school to school, shows the student going above and beyond and from enlarged different levels of education. She champions partnership building, community relations, and socially conscious campaigns and events. Dr. Nana has dedicated her career to holistic medicine and structural change. that she created and produces, teens get their voices heard without censoring or editing. Bethpage students recognized include: Jake Samler who was named to the Dean's List. For the last eight years she has coordinated a MS Day event, but this year has been a historic event due to for the first time in PR, almost all the towns have come together to commemorate World MS Day. Sheraz Alam, a young boy from Bengaluru, has single-handedly built a nonprofit platform called eNGOy that connects donors to non-governmental organizations. He is an inspiration to many at this very young age (9years). Civics & Law Honor Roll -Huntington Youth Court Youth Advocate, Judge, Juror, Bailiff - Supported juveniles under . Low 41F. Prajwal NH is a 15-year-young entrepreneur and innovator. She donated over 100 books in 2020. Legacys drive is unapologetic, bold and contagious. After coming to the United States, he drew from his experience witnessing discrimination and human rights violations to create a nonprofit, Project Lights, Camera, Action, which promotes educational opportunities for Uyghur children and raises awareness about their plight. SYOSSET CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT Syosset, New York . She has helped launch the First Herbal Connection between Good Food & Good Health, First Eat Healthy Live Well Campaign with the VA Farmers Market, Growing a Healthy Your Body in Your Backyard, The Health & Wellness Demonstrations with monthly Seed, Seedling & Plant Xchanges in the VA Community Living Center (CLC), the first Evidence-Based Model, Growing Ur Esteem with Garden Therapy and more. This year, schools from across the country are joining his students in the manufacturing of prosthetic legs. And she led the creation of Diversity Week, which enables students at her school to learn about the various cultures in their community. Sharon also shares her time and wisdom as a mentor with The Patti Grace Smith Fellowship and TWST4Girls and is waiting to be assigned a Little through BBBS. He founded the Cambodian Health Professionals Association of America (CHPAA) in 1997 in Long Beach. DMCA NoticesNewspaper web site content management software and services. He wanted to start a chess program in Barrington but there was no one playing chess so he asked Zein to attract an audience through hosting a dinner where he introduced chess to the community. She is a member of Recycle my battery a non-profit organization. Ethan Chiu; Syosset High School; Syosset, NY. Over the last six years, Ruby has hosted community concerts featuring young musicians to raise money to support Fine Arts programming throughout her state and positively impacting thousands of students. Katina has been volunteering over 40 years. Highland Park STRONG was displayed throughout the city. Ruby Weiner, a 12-year-old resident of Ridgefield, CT, and Juliette Girl Scout has created Food Gardens for Good, a community service project that addresses the issue of childhood hunger. He goes beyond work to include promotion of access to care, health, wellness and resources for the community. After seeing these conditions, Vivek talked to the students and learned that their aspirations were incredibly inspiring with many of them wanting to be doctors, lawyers or astronauts. There is much more work to do, but Tabitha is always up to the task, as long as more lives are freed from coercion. That is why she created Bookworms Against Bullies, which is geared towards helping people overcome bullying by sharing a love for books. She learned at this young age that one persons eWaste (electronic waste) could be anothers eTreasure! Her passion for this field has led her to start a nonprofit to cater for the needs of women and girls. She has been awarded selfless service awards. Through these conversations, Isha understood that access to a battery recycle bin would allow the community to do the right thing. Krishna Saproo, a teenager, has started an initiative called MaunitvaNirakarn that focuses on mental health and wellbeing. Technology is the future and Hassaana wants more students to get a hang of it early in their life. Tony has been awarded the Gold Presidents Volunteer Service Award consecutively throughout high school, was honored as an Authority Magazine Young Social Impact Hero, was named a Future Leader of the Year Finalist and has presented his work at the 77th Annual UN General Assembly Week in New York City. His initiative, Menstrual Hygiene Friendly Spaces, is working towards menstrual equity, installing pad vending machines at all public schools, with education on sexual and reproductive health and rights. He has also volunteered with various youth organizations to help organize work days and events, as well as raised money in the community. Celie is also a peer health educator for Reach. Vinnie earned his title of U.S. Marine at Parris Island on August 18, 1982. Legacy Jackson is a shero in all aspects of her life. JTHS commends our students for their hard work and academic success. A self-taught innovator, Hassaana understood the power of knowledge and was keen to spread it to thousands of youngsters, first through her YouTube channel and then through her startup, Tech United. When Lauren entered high school, she saw an opportunity to help address the remarkable inequality around the world. He spreads awareness about battery recycling through different schools and communities. Syosset High School; Sign In. Volunteering makes her happy, and she tries to do as much as she can to help others. % As a first-generation, low-income college student, Nam encountered many challenges on his path to pursuing success, including experiencing homelessness, bullying, and discrimination. Hes a trainer/facilitator at Kyusa, fellow at African Presidential leadership program batch 3 2020, ATCG Innovation Award winner 2020, TOP 40 UNDER 40 Vision Group 2020, Global Environmental Award Nominee 2020, Pursuit Incubator Fall Cohort 2020, Ignite Innovation Lab 2020, YALI RLC COHORT 38 2020, African Change-makers fellow 2019 and Visionary Leader Award Nominee 2019. Kates extensive work was recognized as she was selected to be on Keep Pearland Beautifuls Youth Environmental Council, the only organization in Texas to receive the Ruthe Jackson Youth Organization Award. Matisse started spending his days helping them pack and distribute the hundreds of online orders that they were getting every week. Having supportive parents, she learned how to transform those painful experiences into something positive. In middle school, Paridhi accompanied volunteers to lead mentorship sessions at Title I elementary schools, where she witnessed how a small amount of support beyond classroom learning could spark curiosity and a lifelong passion for STEM learning for motivated but underserved students. This past year he developed the K9 crew, which consists of a K9 leader at each school level to organize, collect and deliver them to his house. To bridge the gap between customers who are in love with beautiful handmade products and the artisans who bring these amazing products to life, more than 5+ boda-boda cyclists have been employed to date, over 1000+ products have been delivered. Additionally, Sami serves as an advisory board member for various nonprofit organizations and educational institutions including San Jacinto College, Houston Community College, Houston Area Womens Center and St. Jude Childrens Cancer Foundation. He works to increase, support and fulfil the aspirations of young people both in his local area and internationally. Haris is also the co-founder & director of Bubl Venture Studios, the Corporate Venture studio for the worlds largest education company Pearson Plc. Posted Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 10:01 am ET. In addition, Mihir has given presentations at clubs and large social events and community events to spread the word about the importance of recycling batteries. Keeping this in mind, he brought his close friends who were equally passionate about this cause to create the Disaster Awareness Group, using the power of student-led media to advance natural disasters that go uncovered by media conglomerates yet require substantial aid in order for the local communities impacted to recover. Ananya had educated thousands of people through her battery drives at schools, local communities, after-school institutes, public events and online shows. She took this aspiration to Forging Opportunities for Refugees in America, where she works as a volunteer remote tutor, teaching math, English literacy and self-advocacy to displaced children to help them access education, finding a stable power in their voices to navigate the world around them and express themselves. Emma Chuang is a committee chair member of Empowering Arts and a sophomore at Orange County School of Arts (OCSA). I will spend months researching companies that use clean ingredients, support a family life worth being proud of every day and believe that healthy clean living is what is needed to be healthy and living your best life. She started an internal outreach program for our internal veterans to ensure they feel supported and appreciated. At the same time, she watched over FaceTime as her grandparents began to suffer from loneliness. He knows the importance of keeping your word, standing for advocacy with a boots on the ground approach. Lauren instantly became a role model and mentor for young girls in wheelchairs because of this. With Medicine Encompassed, these qualities have paved avenues for the creation of a STEAM-based medical curriculum (500+ lessons and resources), a mentorship and research program (reach across 4+ continents), an accessible publication, 30+ community events and direct impact through school engagements (via the Project Cultivation initiative). In under three years, the organization has had a lot of success. Katina holds an undergraduate degree in business and a masters degree in management and leadership. Local students named to the list include: Jared Knoll of Plainview pursuing a degree in Construction Management: Design and Building, Ortal Arusi of Plainview pursuing a degree in Nursing, Maya Cusicanqui of Bethpage pursuing a degree in Veterinary Science Technology, Bethany Hanusch of Levittown pursuing a degree in Nursing, Erin Nicholson of Levittown pursuing a degree in Nursing, Jessica Kwasnik of Hicksville pursuing a degree in Physical Education Studies. GECS has the purpose to spread awareness about climate change and other environmental issues along with empowering people to take climate action as a part of SDG 13, made by the United Nations. Now at age 14, Vinaya is an environmental activist, educator and STEAM changemaker who is passionate about recycling and using technology to benefit our earth in innovative ways. He has collected over 20,000 books and stuffed animals, and given them to different nonprofits each year. Eight years ago, Nicole R. Smith answered her calling as a volunteer administrator and has since made it her goal to encourage, assist, educate, uplift and elevate those who are the cornerstone of volunteering: the Leaders of Volunteers. She is planning on donating 100% of the funds from all her art. Throughout her life she has either been on the receiving end of services or offering resources through a community organization or government agency. She is a young leader and an agent of change. Katheleen finds that every day with shelter animals is rewarding, whether it is because she was able to provide basic kindness and comfort or because she was able to earn tail wags, kisses or snuggles. She helps out in various projects along with Highland Park Strong like Shop n Drop, which helps deliver food and other essentials to local families in need. During Thanksgiving time, she goes to Chicagos Lower Wacker Drive area, feeding the unhoused. She enjoys getting to know people and helping those experiencing food insecurity. He is passionate about saving Mother Earth in whatever way he can. Jubaier Hassan Munna has displayed multiple milestones in his journey as a social entrepreneur. She elevates the youth she works with and is around because she ensures that their voices are the ones leading community projects. He serves the unhoused by packing food and delivering meals to them. Well, it improved the overall quality of life and protects the ecosystem and need to be diligent and focused and can surely achieve wonders. Jessica Hunter, a teacher at Syosset High School in Syosset, New York, has been nominated for the Honored National Teaching Award! And her question is: what are YOU doing to help our planet? Rayansh Boddu has been volunteering for more than 2.5 years recycling used batteries. Forty-eight medical students from New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine (NYITCOM) were inducted into the medical schools Sigma Sigma Phi chapter, including the following local students: Sigma Sigma Phi is the national osteopathic medicine honors fraternity for medical students training to become Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.). Through his organization, Tanzeel has used the power of his leadership skills to mobilize young people as a driving force behind the efforts of achieving the UN SDGs specially during emergencies or natural calamities like the COVID-19 crisis, floods, etc. Find it Fast. The idea for GiveNKind happened when Emily was running a prom dress bank and saw the difference that the right donated goods could make for nonprofits and their ability to carry out their mission. Fourteen-year-old Lorelei came to a realization. The vision of CSF, which translates to Charity Without Borders, is that of a world without any exclusion. These children have had limited or interrupted education while Sanya has not. In an attempt to promote the value of water in general and to support country-wide efforts on water conservation & sustainable development of water resources, the Department of Water Resources, Government of India awarded him as the Water Hero and he won the renowned National Level Gandhian Challenge by the Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog in conjunction with UNICEF. Recently, he has also designed a $1 cloth pad/period underwear and a $10 biodegradable incinerator for menstruators in rural India. She is also head of her schools Mock Trial defense counsel and captain of the Drama Club, serving as a lead actress, choreographer, and dance instructor. Her father was an MP in the reserves. She has combined her Latina heritage with her passion and expertise in Taekwondoshes a black belt and a Sa-Ba-Nim (master instructor)!to provide her community with the opportunity to learn self-defense skills while embracing their culture. Therapeutic Play Foundation (TPF) is a 501(c)(3) organization that helps distressed school-aged children and their support systems with access to non-traditional, culturally inclusive arts and play based therapeutic services through education, outreach and advocacy. She is also an integral part of the LILACS ThankYou & WeCare Artwork Series, creating over 15 paintings that have been displayed in hospitals, nursing homes, legislative buildings and libraries throughout the Long Island area. Cam also discovered something else inequity in access to the procedure based on race in his hometown. Heather helped her local Salvation Army by donating canned foods and blankets. In high school, students are recognized for scoring a high grade point average by being named on the honor roll. There are no paid employees in the organization. The rising high school seniors eyes opened to the difficult realities of food insecurity, bridging the technology gap in his community and across the nation, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic since 2019. As a team, RMB grew from 10 to 250+ kids, placed 450+ bins, recycled 200k+ batteries, partnered with hundreds of schools and won 50+ recognitions. Employees responded in abundance and Santander had over 24,000 hours that year! John meets with raisers every month to see how their puppy is doing, answer questions and offer advice. In doing this, her goal was to create a national community that supports young Black scholars across the country by increasing access to academic and professional mentorship and resources, so that they feel empowered to not just see themselves in these fields, but confidently believe in their ability to be positive change makers throughout their careers. When she had to work from home, which is not in Greenfield, but rather in Leominster, an hours drive away, she wanted to find a way to assist the agencies. Find out what coaches are viewing your He kept the students engaged and entertained with fun magic tricks during his math lessons. Her church asked her to coordinate missions which included running an outreach ministry and food pantry. You will find her in many roles, but she loves to speak with visitors about the animals and what we can do to protect the environment. What started as a single weekly shift registering clients for the food pantry has grown into volunteering several days per week with activities in multiple areas. Sanyas Hope For Children (SHFC) was founded in January 2017 with a commitment to supporting local & global impoverished children and helping children by transforming communities one life at a time. An incomplete in any course will prevent you from being . After the tragedy on the Fourth of July in her hometown of Highland Park, Lili knew that she had to take action. Cecily has been a volunteer with Clay County Habitat for Humanity since 1994. The concept of coercive control is often lost on the average person. The network is available to high school student-athletes around the country through valued relationships with the NFLPA, FBU, NFCA and SPIRE. It became a wonderful bundle of joy for all who entered his room as they held it sitting with him. Coral Warrior, a childrens book about Vidhis work, scuba diving journey and conservation initiatives, is set to launch in 2023 with the aim of inculcating climate consciousness among children from a young age. The scholarships recognize students who demonstrate support of the four pillars of NHS membership: scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Used batteries can cause fire hazards due to residual chemicals. The nonprofit, Community Organization of MS and Cancer, Inc., prepared and distributed a bow ties with the little wing symbol of hope on the side of the bow. She developed DermaTech, an artificial intelligence-powered skin cancer detection tool that seeks to close the gap in healthcare access for patients in rural and low-income communities by providing a free application for rapid and non-invasive cancer detection. When the Russian aggression against Ukraine began, she was also sure that she wanted to help, both as a leader in her organization and in her private life. To qualify for the Deans List, a student must carry a 3.2 or better grade point average out of a possible 4.0 and be enrolled in a minimum of 12 letter-graded hours (four courses). India, USA, Netherlands, Canada, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Singapore are some of the countries from which his platform has users. The SLB runs free virtual and in-person workshops, works with Title I schools to launch science programs, manages all social media accounts, matches mentors and mentees, provides monetary special awards and advises board meetings as an organized form of student voice. Her goal is to make education more reliable, accessible and interesting for everyone. Hes never been more proud to be serving as a Marine veteran! She has been an entrepreneur and a volunteer ever since, dedicating her life to helping others achieve success. She has dedicated her service to help the community with affordable, gently used books from donations and deleted library collections. Julia Andor who was named to the Presidential Honor List. Don always knew he wanted a life of public service, and he spent 50 years of his life dedicating himself to exactly that. These two canine partners are truly angels in disguise and Norm is the lucky human who gets to hold their leashes and lead the team on this beautiful journey of love and service. Claudia is an honorary member of JUPV A.C. (nonprofit organization) which empowers Mexican youth. Since delivering her first basket of hope in October 2016, shes now sent over 1,800 baskets to families in all 50 states. Amanda provides developmental-appropriate activities to prepare the children for Kindergarten. So no longer does a victim have to make a choice whether to leave their special pet behind when trying to flee a domestic violent relationship. Bethpage students recognized include: Jake Samler who was named to the Deans List. Currently, 60 passionate student volunteers from around the country contribute to the vision Utkarsh and his partner had when starting the D.A.G, from writing articles to bridging partnerships. Ethan Sandoval; La Salle High School; Pasadena, CA. This year, we continue to see individuals step up like never before. Believing in the fruits of the spirit principles with Gods grace and mercy has received countless accolades. The Points of Light Inspiration Honor Roll was created to celebrate acts of service, kindness and civic engagement by individuals who create change in communities around the world. The pandemic cut us off from the rest of the world and put us into our homes. on has been volunteering for approximately 50 years in an array of nonprofit and civic organizations. He has participated in several different community events such as trash collection, planting trees and working in a pollinator garden. Serving is her desire. This group met quarterly until the COVID crisis forced the shut down of the meetings. It advocates the causes of sustainable development. Teens4Teens grew with its founder. But unfortunately, for some children at the parade this past year, the only thing they took away was trauma, anxiety and fear. Her position was to be that of director of the ACT Volunteer Center. Lauras youngest son had been murdered. Khloe has lead community service projects that span from organizing hygiene events in homeless communities, providing essential mask during the beginning of the pandemic, providing, leading global youth activations, helping other youth identify and find their passions, supporting youth in Ghana, supplies over 10,000 kids with school supplies, and the list goes on. She is also a Army Veteran, whom established and coordinated many programs from 2011 to 2021. At the height of the pandemic, Netra Easwaran, now a senior at Horace Greeley High School, took note of an alarming trend: a sharp decrease in community volunteering. New Haven, Connecticut, United States. For over 20 years, equitable access for all has been a driving factor in her career choices and community engagement. During quarantine in March 2020, she made a short film that included interviews with 20 young adults discussing ways to take a stand for racial justice. Out of hundreds of tutors, 17-year-old Helen is in the top four percent of FORA tutors regarding effectiveness. Comparable in size to more than 400,000 2-ply face masks or nearly 5 football fields of fabric, along with collecting 23 working sewing machines and much more. Sixteen-year-old Srikar Surapaneni from Ridgeline High school in Liberty Lake, Washington, has volunteered to teach free math lessons at elementary schools since the age of 11. He leads fundraisers and challenges based on movement and exercise. The program has diverted over 35,700 pounds of food waste from going into landfills. Honor Roll 2022-23. She started volunteering 10 to 15 hours a month with victim services agencies. From the time she was a young teen, Cynthia was a peer mentor, always encouraging others to become their best selves. Those videos were shared all over the world. Selected by county executive of Prince Georges to serve on the Hope in Action Task Force addressing the countywide disenfranchisement of our youth. His first charity was Roses House. He is working on an application that could provide mental health assistance to people at a subsidized rate. To date he has been able to give back to over 20,000 frontline workers. sainsbury's opt on bank statement. At FORA Vivi tutored kids in English and math. The team is a nationally-registered therapy dog team with Therapy Dogs International. They might be deemed disconnected and left in the past. The seniors are all over 65 years old and come from outside of the U.S. Kean co-founded the Environmental Droners as a means to identify trash areas utilizing drone technology. In her private activities, Agnieszka looks for opportunities to help. With Make-A-Wish, she plans to continue her service from whichever college she attends, by advising the chapter on how best to grant wishes for children in need. As a volunteer, he was able to assist the administrative team set up numerous props, website sign-ups and technical factors for the event. She is also a member of the club, Seatbelts Are for Everyone or S.A.F.E., for which she has conducted surveys at her school on seat belt usage and assisted in planning lessons on the dangers of distracted driving. Working in an unknown and leanly resourced field can bring many challenges. Alan has volunteered with the show for the past 15 seasons and currently serves on nine committees. Looking at the dire condition of public schools in India, where girls drop out of school when they start menstruating in India, Aashraya invented Indias most affordable non-electric sanitary pad vending machine that costs only $28 to dispense biodegradable pads. Its concern is the promotion of volunteerism in good deed activities. Hes the first student in WSUs 127-year history to study abroad on all seven continents and created the first-ever study abroad program for LGBTQ+ students. A few years after they met, Pat was diagnosed with breast cancer. She motivated me to branch out and be myself which has transformed my view on myself. Evan has met with senators, representatives, and government officials to discuss increasing access to STEM education. Teaching and education are integral parts of advancing racial equity, and we support all those fighting for justice in our schools and in our communities. on When Lorelei Darling was just a month shy of 8-years-old, she took her first step into the world of philanthropy. In 2020, she volunteered 250 hours over six months. In 2020, the digital divide in our country became even more apparent and the foundation partnered with a national agency for digital inclusion work through digital literacy and education, laptop distributions and connectivity. The class Arav helped teach was the tabla and Indian classical music performance class where he instructed these children on the basics of the Indian instrument tabla while also giving singing lessons and showing them how to stay calm under the pressure of large crowds. She has worked to spread this love of culture to raise awareness of social justice issues both within her school community and outside it. For thirty years, Judy Winter has dedicated her life to improving the lives of children with disabilities, including ten years as a certified therapy dog team in Michigan elementary schools and at Michigan State University. Resources" Calendar Events 2019-2020; Bell Schedule; Delayed Bell Schedule; Clubs List; Extra Help Information; Honor Roll and . She set out to work on improving water quality, food systems and ultimately human and ecological health through the empowerment of people, individuals, communities and citizens. In the summer of 2019, she decided to share her passion of food science by creating this blog, Otium. The visionary mind of Murshidul aspires to construct an empathetic society by providing everyone the advice harvested from human experiences. Random Acts of Kindness is a program that aims to create exceptional experiences throughout Arizona. visit The Honor Roll. Remembering her own difficulty navigating the U.S. as a first-generation immigrant alongside her parents, she sought to give back to young children in similar situations. After 12 years of volunteering as director of Potters House at Virginia Beach UMC, she stepped down to be able to spend more time with family. She has been awarded U.S. Presidents Gold Medal for her voluntary service and the top-performing volunteer award for multiple months for her work. She has more than 10+ years of volunteering, planning & event organizing experience into social and environmental sector.

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