He had a huge rack and his body was absolutely massive. 1 typical in South Carolina came out of Pickens County in 1994. He came in to 175 yards, and I shoot a Savage 220 bolt action, which is accurate well beyond that. Missouri Monarchs are larger than most other deer. We had pics of him hitting scrapes in October, but always at night, Buringa said. And he is flirting with breaking the record, he says. There are several factors that determine when youre allowed to hunt. Missouri is another state with more recent big buckssix of the new typical records in the states top 10 and seven of the 10 new non-typical state records were taken in the 2000s. Olsen and a friend were shed hunting on February 1, when they came across a once in a lifetime find. Still, it has a 24 1/8-inch inside spread and main beams over 29 inches. Despite 18 6/8 inches of deductions, it still takes top honors in the state. Youll find the largest white-tailed deer in Wisconsin, while Alaska has the largest moose. The B&C world record was discovered by a hunter in St. Louis County, Missouri, in 1981. Now you know which states hold the largest deer in a variety of species. The cool thing we noticed as we walked up is that he was still carrying strips of velvet in the start of November. Her muley rough-scored 171. In some cases, a lottery draw is the only way to get one of these tags. It isnt because of mass, though. His best hunting companion would have to miss the majority of the season in order to be with him. It was the biggest deer Zuern had ever seen in the 17 years he'd hunted his grandpa's 80-acre farm. With a guided hunting tour for Alaskan moose, you will probably have a much higher success rate than you would on your own. When Mark Buringa and his dad, Mike, checked trail cameras last summer, they immediately saw a huge buck with a monstrous left side. Tine length is moderate, but this record whitetail deer really excels in mass, with an unbelievable 61 2/8 inches in that categoryincluding a shocking 14-inch H3 measurement on the right side. Despite being such a small state, Rhode Island still has four typicals in the Boone and Crockett record book. With an estimated 4.3 million deer in Texas, it leads the country by a wide margin. Kevin Miller shot it in Kent County, which is known for big whitetails. This buck would always disappear from my farm almost as soon as he shed velvet, so when he showed up again this summer, I felt he would repeat the pattern hed exhibited for the last three seasons, Drury said. Restore Clarity And Brightness: Get Your Steiner Binoculars Recoated! Wisconsin has a rich tradition of regulated hunting for white-tailed deer dating to 1851. Some deer are born with up to three white spots on their heads, making them extremely distinctive. One of the advantages of hunting in Idaho is that you can directly purchase tags for hunting mule deer over the counter. Let's see if he can do it." He had a big drop tine on the right side this summer, and after I killed him, another hunter whod been after him showed me some pics he had; the buck had the drop until October 6th but broke it off some time after that.. The 22-point beast green-scored 213 inches with a palmated left side, a drop-tine, and stickers galore.. Bessie Schommer grew up in a hunting family and has been a passionate deer hunter for years. The record bucks brow tines are also only 3 inches, but each of its G2s, G3s, and G4s range between 10 4/8 and 14 1/8 inches. It also has solid beam length and inside spread. All but one mass measurement is 4 to 5 inches in circumference. Its mass isnt much compared to other state records, but the tine length is very good, effectively pushing it to its high score. It was harvested in Pierce County, which is a hotbed for big deer. This bucks rack would be an impressive 195-2/8 inches as a nontypical deer in terms of inside spread. #1 - Wisconsin Notably, however, the state's top five typical bucks ever taken did not come from these high producing counties, instead coming from Burnett, Kenosha, Wood, Columbia, and Dodge . Oregon has only six typical entries in the B&C book, the biggest of which was a 178 2/8-inch whitetail taken in Wallowa County. All eight mass measurements are over 5 inches for a total of 43 2/8 inches in that department. Mike Beadle, a South Dakota bowhunter, came across this incredible buck standing broadside 18 yards away. Once again, Kentucky is an up-and-comer with five of the new typical records in the states top 10 and nine of the 10 non-typical state records taken in the 2000s. The rack itself is something to behold. Wisconsin is the #1 ranked state with 1,822 total entries and six counties in the top 20 U.S. counties with the most records produced. Luckily, there are many different regions, or units, where you can take part in these draws. | Of all the states in the United States, Wisconsin tends to have the biggest white-tailed deer. During the 22nd Big Game Awards Program in Dallas, Texas, the judges of the Boone and Crockett Club voted Hansons buck the new world record for a typical whitetail, awarding him 213-5/8 points. Read the full story. Finally I saw him one morning while he was in rut, and this time I hit the mark. I've shot several that make the book, but this one here's kind of way bigger than anything I've ever experienced, Hackett says. This archery buck is only 16 1/8 inches inside, but both beams are approximately 27 inches. I hung a camera and didnt get a single pic of him until November 5th, which is also the day I harvested him. Marquardts towering 8-point green-netted 179-4/8. The 21st Century Whitetails includes Bradley S. Jermans 2004 typical buck from Warren County that scored 201-1/8 becoming the #1 buck in Ohio history and the #12 on the All-time list and David G. Kopps Stark County non-typical buck from 2016 that scored 258-1/8 and ranks #8 in the state and #63 All-time; Kopps buck was part of the 30th Big Game Awards in 2019. Just $1 per month , Ten 200-plus inchers, three potential record-setting deer, and one possible world record. We didnt figure it out right away, but after a while we realized it had to be a buck Id hit the year before, Mark said. Today, the world is much smaller and more diverse than it was in the past. Furthermore, while only two tines are greater than 10 inches, it has a lot of scoreable typical points, and grew not only G5s, but also two G6s and one G7. You must also be aware of the states deer hunting season. Last year, hunters harvested 190,646 deer. After Olsen made the discovery, he called the Department of Natural Resources right away. The current world record for shed antlers set in the North American Shed Hunters Club (NASHC) record book is a buck known as The Nebraska General. This matched 66 set has an official record book score of 195 1/8 net inches after asymmetry deductions (with no spread credit). A big 87, it only has a 17 2/8-inch inside spread, but carries main beams over 25 inches. Interestingly, its largest mass measurements were H3, and were the only two to surpass the 5-inch mark5 4/8 and 6 5/8 inches. It has a great spread, and even has solid mass, but its tines are most impressive. This animal would have weighed more than 540 pounds live, based on its weight estimate. Notably, however, the states top five typical bucks ever taken did not come from these high producing counties, instead coming from Burnett, Kenosha, Wood, Columbia, and Dodge counties. Female Roosevelt elk (also known as cows) can be as heavy as 600 pounds. All Rights Reserved. "The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak. A world record buck has in the past been worth a lot of money. Join F&S+ to read exclusive stories by your favorite writers. /*footer link color*/a.footer {color: #D1B180;}/*footer hover link color*/a.footer:hover {color: #D1C580;}. There are also plentiful food sources, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife is known for its excellent management. Most interesting are its 9 6/8- and 7 4/8-inch brow tines. Taken in 1995, its a 27-year record. This 76 is impressive and lacks nothing. Read the full story here. On the downside, each mass measurement is under 5 inches. Its 66 rack also has two short abnormal points. The 25th of April, 2003. Portraits of all the current state/provincial whitetail deer, including 17 new records accepted since the last edition. Furthermore, three of eight mass measurements are well over 6 inches. Tine length is where this buck shines, though, with one tine over 12 inches and three over 13 inches. Its mass is the true gem, though, with it increasing as it moves out the beam. He made the most of his chance by shooting it perfectly. But as you'll soon see, nothing about these monster bucks is "typical", By Rather, its the deers impressive tine length, and the fact that it has sizable G5s, that push it so far ahead. While its No. With a wide spread, long beams, decent tines, and solid mass, this deer is a great one. A massive 540- pound deer was the largest deer ever seen on record. Record whitetail deer captivate deer huntersperiod. It was taken 29 years ago in Litchfield County. This shows the quality of deer management across the entire state. Jeremy Brower had enjoyed 12 seasons of deer hunting, but still had not put his tag on a whitetail with antlers. Your moose hunting guide will probably lead you to areas with a lot of willow. Benjamin J. Brogles 2002 non-typical buck from Garrard County that scored 260-1/8 and is the #2 non-typical buck in Kentucky history and the #50 on the All-time list is part of the 21st Century Whitetails stories. And trophy bucks dont get much more magnificent than the ones youre about to gawk at in this story. New data from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources shows hunters killed nearly 8 percent fewer deer overall during a "quiet" 2021 gun deer season. The buck I nicknamed Tiny eventually appeared in daylight, and I was able to stalk within 50 yards to get a shot with my bow and watched him fall 40 yards away from me. C.J. Join F&S+ to read exclusive stories by your favorite writers. Wisconsin deer hunter Jared Thiede and his family hunted a buck they called "Picket" for three years before Jared finally killed the whopper in Vernon County. Washington and Oregon are the states where you will find Roosevelt elk. Itll be tough one to score, but word is it will go somewhere over 200 inches. Two tines are over 13 inches, one is over 12 inches, and two other are over 10. The 21st Century Whitetails section includes Austin Pontiers 2016 typical buck from Clarke County that scored 194-1/8 and is ranked #8 in Iowa history and #70 on the All-time listthe image of the then-18-year-olds beautiful buck graces the cover of the book. Russell lives in a small town of 6,000 residents, but it didnt take long for word of the Adirondack giant to spread. Its rare for a buck to grow such a huge set of antlers without also sprouting the kickers and drop tines and forks that would push it into the non-typ category. Ross brought down this record whitetail deer in Platte County nearly 36 years ago. For almost 30 years now, the current world record has been held by Saskatchewan farmer Milo Hanson, who dropped his 213 5/8-inch monster back in 1993. It has a 65 rack, and it is remarkably stout in the main-beam and tine-length departments. The left side main beam is slightly longer at 29 inches, while the right side is 27 7/8 inches. According to what we can gather, John Annett of Ontario killed the largest deer ever shot by a bow-hunter in 1977. It also features great mass measurements, beam length, and spread. Season of kill, location of kill, deer type and weapon used are what has normally collected. 1 by nearly 4 inches here, it sits at No. I ended up getting a great photo of him and it is still one of my favorite hunting memories. Many parts of Colorado feature outstanding habitats for mule deer. Scoring a whopping 192 1/8 inches, the Eddie L. Kinney buck is a massive western whitetail. In 2006, a buck taken by Keith Pfannenstiel during a sit-and-go hunt in Kansas weighed 1,199 pounds and was the heaviest buck ever killed with a rifle. He killed it with a 30-shot Springfield, weighing 635 pounds and putting it live at over 800 pounds; it weighed 635 pounds when he killed it with a 30-shot Springfield. This deer set a new world record for the largest deer ever with a score of 333 7/8 inches. The biggest elk, on the other hand, are in Washington State, and the largest mule deer can be found in Colorado. Then Wikman turned his attention to Illinois for their October 1 bow opener. Brower managed to get the gun up on the already-alert buck and make the shot. Generally, spot-and-stalk hunting methods are the best when it comes to moose. It has only 3 5/8 inches of deductions. I went up there, finished him with a second shot, then stopped to take in that rack. Im really humbled by the whole experience and feel blessed and honored I just happened to be the bowhunter who took such an incredible animal, Overholt told OL. I was able to hold a bunch of does with a couple food plots, and once they started to come into heat, the bucks started showing up, Mueller said. Other giants have been tagged since then, and came closebut not close enough. The new world record is easily surpassed by Milo Hansons 213 7/8-point attempt from a year ago. That is a major reason why its usually not a good idea to hunt moose by yourself. The biggest of three bucks Brandon Wikman took during the early part of the 2021 season. Hed grown a really odd side on the opposite side of his injury. While the Buringa clan hoped for an encounter with the giant buck, the hunt for him was a challenge. The last time I saw him, he was in a spot where I felt I could get permission, and I was able to do that. Wisconsin has received 1,822 entries, ranking first among all states in terms of big bucks. 1 in NoDak and No. A main-frame 7*6, with a split browtine on one side, is used by Doug Williams for a 14 scorable point buck. The buck's gross typical score of 201 5/8 is huge, as is his net score of 193 4/8. Advertisement I could not have done it without the help of my dad and brother. The buck gross-scored 173. This mature buck was armed with some serious head gear and had the largest score ever for a deer, totaling 333 7/8 inches. This impressive rack is made up of 213 7/8 points, which is nearly symmetrical. In 1977, hunter John Annett shot and killed this massive male white-tail in Ontario, Canada, which is widely regarded as the worlds largest white-tail. During the Pleistocene, the Irish elk ranged across Eurasia from Ireland to Lake Baikal in Siberia. Since then, the big buck has stood atop the whitetail deer hunting world alone, holding off all new challengers, season after season. More than 17,000 whitetail deer listings, which include: final B&C score, B&C gross core, key measurements, location, date, hunter, owner, state/provincial rank, All-time rank. And to come across this, it's a diamond in the rough, Olsen tells NBC15 News. I was blessed to take down a legend only minutes from where the Jordan buck was shottruly the hunt of a lifetime. Yiras wide and massive buck grossed 195- inches. Despite the fact that the mounting allowance was too wide, the inside spread of the Hanson buck would have defeated the mounted antlers. Spence still had a rifle tag for mule deer and went out with my friend. The G2s, G3s, and G4s are 10 2/8 to 14 6/8 inches long. It received only 3 3/8 inches of deductions. Be aware, though, that this county isnt a high-producing area when it comes to numbers (deer population). It sports a sweet 56 rack. Dustin Huff with his Indiana whopper (left) and a beautiful Wisconsin typical taken by Brandon Wikman. It holds the Texas record by 6/8 inch and sits at No. On the upside, it has a good inside spread and main beam length. The buck on my mind was well-known in the neighborhood as All Star, but I just referred to him as Brows, considering his unusually unique set of brow tines. The buck had been feeding in a brassica plot on a semi-consistent basis. Tucked inside the back cover, readers will find a full-size wall poster of the U.S. highlighting the county distribution of whitetail deer entriesmap unfolds to 24x36 inches. It leads the other entry by 9 inches, which was taken in 2004. This hunting season, Outdoor Life looks back at some of the most incredible deer taken by hunters. "I spend a lot of time in the woods, hunting three to five days per week," Schneider said. You dont have to limit yourself to units considered trophy units.. Overall, Buffalo County is the area of Wisconsin with the largest deer in the state. With an unofficial green net score of 196 inches the buck should smash the state's crossbow typical record (currently 179") and rank among Wisconsin's best typicals ever. I could not be more excited, thankful, and proud of this 2021 deer season. Taylors wide, massive muley grossed 200 inches. Josh Honeycutt 2 buck, which was killed in 1920. An over-the-counter mule deer hunting tag is sufficient for many hunting scenarios in Idaho. Articles may contain affiliate links which enable us to share in the revenue of any purchases made. Eight of the books 21st Century Whitetails come from Illinoismore than any other state. Furthermore, two tines exceed 11 inches, two are longer than 12 inches, and one surpasses 13 inches. If I would have been able to shoot it, I don't think I would have been getting out of the tree stand too easily. It was simply to affix the plaque to each antlers shed with long wood screws between the burr and brow tine of the burr. Read the full story here. With 24 4/8 inches of inside spread, and two main beams stretching the tape to 31 7/8 inches, theres no wonder this deer scores just shy of 200 inches. Texas comes in #11 overall with 767 total entries, but thanks to having four of the top six counties nationwide the state lands on the state stat list. Scott Bestul The Borden buck was tagged in Monmouth County, which is where the top two New Jersey typical whitetail bucks called home. Last year, hunters in Texas took 722,044 deer, according to Outdoor Life. He did seem to disappear about September 30, and I figured Here we go again. Then, on October 6, he got a pic of him on one of his radish plots and decided to give him a try. The government-certified scales indicate that the deer had a live weight of 540 pounds and a field dressing weight of 431 pounds. Its G2s are a staggering 15 3/8 and 15 6/8 inches long. Plus, the G2s, G3s, and G4s all range from 10 4/8 to 15 3/8 inches. "The record for the biggest deer in Wisconsin ever to be found or killed is 253 inches. Finally, he stood up, and I was able to range him. Jordan Smith saw this incredible Kansas buck from a stand located near an old oil rig three times in the course of a week. While this number . Despite having been shot in the head, Colt Russell still managed to reach the bow range on this stunning buck. For several years, Tim Hunter leased over 50,000 acres in Wisconsin for hunting. The next time youre out in the woods, keep your eyes peeled for one of these magnificent creatures you might just get a chance to see the biggest rack of all. The largest Maryland typical of all time leads the state by over 8 inches. I kept counting and there were 20 points. I knew my dad wasnt hunting that afternoon, so I asked him to go with me, Schommer said. Colorado is the state with the largest mule deer. He shot a perfect archery arrow over 200 inches above the ground in September, and his score was the highest for an archery shot over this distance. As usual, he went hunting on the 200-acre family farm he has shared with his buddies for years in central Missouri during this years deer season. After several tense moments, the buck finally gave Christorf a chip shot and tipped over after a short run. The Alaskan moose is the largest and heaviest moose of all the moose subspecies. Meadows was bowhunting on November 3 when the 180 showed up and walked within bow range. Mandatory in-person deer harvest registration was in place in Wisconsin since the 1953 deer season. It was also because of the differences in the frames side-to-sideness that it ended up being a defeat. Its brow tines (G1s), G2s, and G3s are all 11 to 13 inches. Let's see if he can do it.". On opening day of the gun season, one of our guys was coming down from his stand and spooked the buck. 6 typical all-time, the Melvin J. Johnson buck is a deer many people are familiar with. We hadnt hunted together all fall, and I wanted to spend some time with him. WorldDeer.org is reader supported and may earn a commission. But your region may not have trophy deer. Moose are the largest animals in the deer family. I remember the first time I saw him, I couldnt believe my eyes. This shows the quality of deer management across the entire state. Its largest mass measurement is the right-side H3, which is 6 1/8 inches. It was shot in Alaska in 1954 and is the current world record holder. Here youll find informative articles about the biology, habitat, habits of deer. The James Jordan Buck The James Jordan buck is a legendary whitetail and is one of the biggest whitetail bucks ever killed. 15 all-time, the Cartwright buck is a 30-year-old state-record whitetail deer that was bagged in Stevens County. The largest sheds the Iversons have ever discovered are as follows: atler 1: 82-3/8 inches, atler 2: 83-7/8 inches, and atler 3: 82-7/8 inches. Every winter, bucks drop their antlers and grow a new pair by the fall. So we must and we will.". I couldnt care less, honestly, Brower said. We have had this buck on camera for 4 years, but he never was seen during the day, until he walked in front of me during the gun season, about 70 yards away from our last trail-cam pic of him. Talk about serious palmation. This clean, 10-point rack boasts a 20 1/8-inch inside spread, 30-inch main beams, and two tines over 13 inches. After finding a sprayer track, we followed it to within 35 yards, then settled in to wait. And it was a long one. There is a 60-day drying period required before the buck can get a certified score, but it is looking very much like it will be the next world record. In addition to being among the worlds largest deer, the states deer can weigh up to 1,808 pounds. Since archery seasons opened on Sept. 17, hunters have registered 301,540 deer statewide. Interestingly, Gotz's buck was initially . Four Illinois counties are among the top 20 in the country when it comes to deer population. If there was ever such a thing as a perfect 10 pointer or a perfect buck in general, then this is it. Still, with the unreal tine lengths ranging from 10 5/8 to 15 2/8 inches, this deer had no chance but to become a record. Scyphers harvested this massive McDowell County whitetail in 2014. What state has the biggest whitetail bucks? He was one of the lucky hunters to pass on a massive buck with a broken rack during the last deer hunting season, and it was one of the most rewarding deer hunting decisions hed ever made. Finally he stood up, and I leaned up on a rock and dropped him in one shot. Unfortunately, there arent many public hunting lands in that area. "It's been 47 years. It has never been proven that a buck with a typical scoring of 17,500 would be the highest-rated buck. According to the Green Fire report, the disease was first detected in Wisconsin in 2002, but has now spread to 32 counties with infection rates up to 50 percent. This deer broke the previous record set 51 years ago. James Saunders shot this massive Mississippi buck in Adams County in 2011. It was an unreal moment and feeling of accomplishment to shoot a buck of this caliber off my own 8 acres. Muellers main-frame 6X6 sported two stickers and grossed 178. We found the buck wed been watching, and then started our stalk through a canola field. This 10-pointer has impressive 26-plus-inch main beams, a 20 2/8-inch inside spread, and four tines over 13 inches. Its held the record by 1/8 inch since 1974. Thats what Mike Beadle did last fall, when he laid eyes on a giant buck while chasing birds. That deer officially weighed 291 pounds dressed. The Herbert N. Milam buck was bagged in Sussex County, Delaware, in 1978. The other three deer were taken in the early and mid-2000s. Then I looked up, and all I could see were horns walking in! Schommer kept her coolshed only shot one other buck beforeand made a killing shot on a 190-class buck with her crossbow. Its a clean 55 with an 18-inch inside spread, two beams over 29 inches, good mass measurements, and great tine length. Like the other states on this list, the largest bucks dont tend to be found in the areas with the most deer populations. This includes Chase R. Coopers 2017 buck from Henry County that scored 197-2/8 inches and is the new #4 typical whitetail in the state and #45 on the All-time list, as well as William T. Duncans 2016 typical buck from Macon County that scored 194-6/8 and is #5 in the state and #63 All-time. John A. Breen shot his massive, 202-inch whitetail in Beltrami County in 1918. The buck was honored in 2019 during the 30th Big Game Awards. Its 10-point rack is a true spectacle, displaying 26 3/8- and 27 7/8-inch beams. Its just something we do together, and I have always been into it. While the Schommers had several pics of a giant buck on their Pierce County property, the buck had yet to show up in daylightbut that was about to change in a big way. Harvested in Missoula County, Thomas Dellwos buck is No. The record for the biggest deer in Wisconsin ever to be found or killed is 253 inches. Featured in the state tables for Kansas is the non-typical buck picked up in 2012 by James E. Wanklyn in Marshall County that scored 295 points and is the new state record and #11 All-time. Other North American animals with antlers include caribou and mule deer. | Mass is on the weaker side for a state record, but it has a 21 6/8-inch inside spread, respectable main beams over 26 and 27 inches, and six tines over 10 inches that range from 10 to 14 3/8 inches. It had about 100 feet of wire wrapped around its eight hooves and was measured at 218 7/8 inches long. The Kansas buck green grossed 174 inches and is pictured in the lower left in the photo collage above. The hunting season for Alaskan moose is in September. When we walked through the bluffs on cold mornings, he would not spook until we were within 10 yards of each other. Copyright 2023 WorldDeer.org. According to Boone and Crockett, Wisconsin is the number one largest big buck state with 1,822 total entries.

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