If you are unsure, I recommend you err on the higher side and then lower your price over time.DESCRIPTION FRAMEWORK[Identify the Style] Think of popular categories and keywords on Depop. You can find good clothes in the following ways: If you are serious about reselling, you should try to grow a following on social media to boost the sales of your garments and accessories on Depop. Heres everything you need to know when it comesto creating great listings on the Depop platform. Not sure how to make a good video? Keep it positive Make all purchases in-app Be respectful Guidelines Bullying and harassment We love our Depop community and champion equality and individuality. Taking great photos of what you're selling. Hit your target markets bullseye and claim your, Please enable JavaScript in your browser to submit the form. Like Instagram, Depop also has a popular private messaging function, which is meant for users to communicate about products. For Instagram, you can also use the Depop Shop Share feature. For this group, it took a lot of perseverance and hard work. You can mention things like: Here is a great example of how to write an engaging and useful product description. [Shop policies] Do you offer free shipping? For more, read our complete photography guide on Depop. This sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many people willingly share their email, phone number, If buyers have questions about the items you have for sale, the best way forward is to be open with them. WebYour items will go inactive if you haven't used Depop for a while. WebThere are two ways you can list: 1. Youll be notified when an item has sold and be able to see all sale details and receipts of payment in the Depop app, and via email. And it's paid off. TAKING GREAT PHOTOS Streetwear. People want to learn more about a product before making an online purchase. Designer. Near the bottom of your canvas, click the check list icon. Its also a great way to stay up-to-date with what other sellers are doing another important step in how to become successful on Depop. For further information, read our detailed guide on turning your Depop shop into a successand watch some of our top sellers giving their best listing advice in the above listing tips video. Here are nine tips and tricks that can help make your Depop shop more popular and get you more sales. PRICING Trainers. If so, you wont be restricted by a low battery or charging cable as soon as you press record. Vintage. In addition, the United States has a PayPal transaction fee of 3.49% plus $0.49 (keep in mind that PayPal can adjust these fees at its discretion). You will beable to issue refunds without having to leave the app. And spend less time listing, and more time running your shop. The first physical interaction a customer has with your brand will be through your packaging. Use 5 relevant hashtags for every item. The ideas presented in this video are for entertainment purposes only. Every selling journey and shop on Depop is unique in its own way. ), occasion (How and where can it be worn? Depop started as an online marketplace for buying and selling clothing. Start by writing a headline that sums up everything a buyer should know about your listing. Simply head to the Selling hub and tap the Depop Payments banner, then follow the on-screen instructions. You (and only you) are responsible for the decisions you make. Take clear photos of each item and upload them to the app. Tehrani has sold nearly 30,000 vintage 90s and 2000s pieces, alongside her own original designs, since she started out. How to get started selling on Depop Selling on Depop is simple: all youll need is a phone and a Paypal account. Now its time to write a short but detailed description. She shares her top four tips for being a Depop success: Sell what you love. Youll receive payment through Paypal or Depop Payments depending on which the buyer opted to pay through. When the lockdown hit and stores closed, this became impossible and they had to be quick to find other sources. A post shared by Susamusa (@susamusaclothing). Overall, punctual responses are just good business practices. They show you exactly how some of our best sellers rose to the top of the platform and should help guide your own personal journey of success. With that in mind, weve put together this step-by-step guide containing everything you need to know to start a successful Depop shop and get to the top. And its all because of your newly published book, Claer, called What They Dont Teach You About Money. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Vintage. Tip: For tasks you and your coworker are collaborating on, you can create a shared to-do list in a canvas. The key aspects to selling successfully on Depop are to Bump your items often Use Relevant Hashtags Be open to negotiations Be fast with shipping Prompt service Get Solid Reviews HOW TO SELL ON DEPOP: BUMP YOUR ITEMS OFTEN This means editing your item to go to the top of the feed. Include photos of the tags on branded items to help the buyer trust it is authentic. Tehrani says it's also crucial not to overthink things. The pair said good photography has been a key part of their success. Try to fix any creases, stains or other defects that may be noticeable in advance. Just think about all that extra storage space. Remember the more your item stands out from the others, the more likely it is to grab a potential buyers attention which could result in a sale. Without even realizing it, you might have something folded away in storage thats currently back on trend. Please read rules before posting. Add hundreds of new product listings to Depop in one go to reach even more potential buyers. Watch popular content from the following creators: HARVS.VINTAGE(@harvs.vintage), All I Know About Depop(@alliknowaboutdepop), All I Know About Depop(@alliknowaboutdepop), Alicia Rodriguez-Mur(@murrayed_life), (@clothesbyolive), Keep in mind that Depop continuously updates this list. The social shopping app, which launched in 2011 and was bought by Etsy for $1.6 billion earlier this year, has grown exponentially over the past few years by offering users an easy way to buy and sell everything from vintage clothing and limited-edition sneakers to books and concert tickets. Sometimes you will find your audience, and sometimes your audience will find you. Create a separate Instagram with all your products and use all Depop related hashtags. From rare vintage finds to contemporary casual basics and everything in between there could be a buyer out there right now with some cash to spend. Whatever your style. By selling on Depop you're keeping items in the circular economy and helping reduce fashion waste. Cookie Notice When your item does sell, Depop will take a 10% commission on the total transaction (that includesshipping costs). Its important to make it snappy and personal, with enough info that they know what you and your shop are about. You could have something that another Depop user has always been looking for, so dont be shy when selecting different styles to list in your shop. Yes. Putting together a good listing will help you sell your item it can catch buyers attention, as well as build trust and confidence in your shop. Never had a seller post a private listing for me and never had a buyer request it, I just see it everywhere and have always wondered, Scan this QR code to download the app now. Trainers. Best. Avoid adding any filters or editing the colors as these enhancements will affect the accuracy of your item description which can be misleading for buyers. Follow other sellers. Privacy Policy. Well, congratulations to you for making it this far! Their price points are mostly below $100, with many items costing between $25 to $50. Launch the Depop app and tap the Profile icon in the bottom right corner of your smartphone screen. WebCreating Depop listing videos. You could have some of the most sought-after garments to upload but if the pictures dont do them justice, they might be in stock for a while. Meeting booths line the walkway and can be moved to transform the space into a 50m long runway. Can anyone help? Click the canvas icon in the top right corner. Let people make offers, and use these offers to inform your prices in the future. Heres a step-by-step instruction that will teach you how to set up the account the right way and make your first sale. Buyer opens up a dispute with Depop. ; Run service when locked: This allows the lock function to be active even when the screen lock is active, and you can activate the screen lock at any time. About 1 in 5 buyers (21%) uses a direct-mail newsletter, flyer or postcard to find a real estate agent.4 Although sending real estate mailers might seem like a dated practice, its still an effective method. Experiment with photography. Once you have the hang of it, its easy to list your items. 4 - Follow everyone. Remember to keep your feed consistent, with photos in a similar style throughout. You can use that info to price your product slightly lower than the competition. It might sound obvious but every item should be made to look presentable before you start filming. - Add the correct category, location, condition and item price. For more tips, read this guide on how to write the most effective Depop bio. Follow the top tips below to put your shop on apath to success: The start ofyour successful seller journey on Depop is all about setting things up correctly to set you on a straight path to the top. For full details, take a look at the full seller handbook blog posts. Respond to messages as quickly as possible, and be honest about what you're selling. You can use natural lighting or a soft light (i.e. Additional transparency can help buyers feel more confident when making purchases the more they learn about the item, the more theyll trust what theyre buying (and who theyre buying from). Follow these steps to link your PayPal account to Depop: Depop Payments allows buyers to pay for things on Depop using Apple Pay, Google Pay, and credit/debit cards. Designer. Please note: Whilst we are able to share our top tips for success on the basis of our experiences and the feedback we get from our sellers, we do not make any guarantee or representation or accept any liability in relation to the sales or revenues to be gained as a Depop seller. Imagine you sold an item for $40, which you bought at $20. Before we get to all of that, a mandatory blurb about Depop for those unfamiliar with the platform. Youve taken the time to get some great photos of your item. ), design (monochromatic? System start: Private Lock starts working as soon as you turn on your device. its all about making money for depop without even thinking about the store owners. Brand, Item Category, Size, Material, Quality. Get paid fast when your item Trust your instincts. Claer Barrett. So keep up to date with what theyre wearing and use this information to inspire your online offering. WebPirate ship is super easy to use, you can copy an address from the depop receipt and paste and it will fill out the info for you. There are various ways in which you can use your packaging to ensure a great first impression and distinguish yourself from your competitors. When it comes to selling on Depop, consistency around brand image, brand message, and photography is paramount. Designer. Boney told Insider that she earns as much as $10,000 a month selling vintage clothing she sources from yard sales, thrift stores, and Facebook Marketplace on Depop. Why is it private? Check out whats popular on social media channels to get a better understanding of the items that could get lots of attention in your shop. Top editors give you the stories you want delivered right to your inbox each weekday. On top of that, youll need to research whats in and out to stay up-to-date with fashion trends. The list of things you cant sell on Depop is solely meant to be a reference. DESCRIPTIONS . Never use stock photos. When you upload the video to your listing, any sound will be muted so dont worry if you captured some unwanted audio in the original clip. Combine these amounts and you should be left with an idea of how much you should list the item for. The start of your successful seller journey on Depop is all about setting things up correctly to set you on a straight path to the top. how to write the most effective Depop bio, The list of things you cant sell on Depop. Depop sellers have the advantage of easy and direct contact with shoppers, which gives them an opportunity to get quick feedback on what customers most like and dislike. Please note: Whilst we are able to share our top tips for seller success on Depop on the basis of our experiences and the feedback we get from our sellers, we do not make any guarantee or representation or accept any liability in relation to the sales or revenues to be gained as a Depop seller. All of these are in high demand on Depop throughout the whole year. Here are some simple tips for taking better photos of your Depop items. A useful exercise when writing descriptions is to try and think about the buyer. Take advantage of as much natural sunlight as you can. And its all because of your newly published book, Claer, called What They Dont Teach You About Money. Your item should always be the main focus, so make sure youve removed or reduced any clutter that could distract viewers. Y2K, retro, vintage (vtg), 2000s, 2010s, modern, casual, authentic, streetwear[What is it?] Creating well-written and catchy descriptions. Here is how to get started with Crosslist: Besides Depop, Crosslist helps you list quickly on eight more marketplaces such as eBay, Poshmark, and Mercari! The little black dress youre selling was perfect for going on dates. Add together any costs youve incurred when preparing your item for sale too, as well as the amount of money youd like to make as a profit. Set Private listing to on. If youre going to offer this make sure to mention it in your listing and your bio where your buyer can see it. Reply to messages quickly ideally within a day. Taking up to four photos instead of one can increase your chances of selling by 20%. You will receive payment via your bank account. pictures, shipping, listing, everything you need to ACTUALLY make sales! Take up to four photos. As a result its against our terms of use. Depop may feature you on their IG. Try your local park or basketball court, or a city street. Click View template to open the Google Sheet template, then make a copy to your own drive and fill it out according to the instructions in the sheet. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. She chooses the goods based on how she sees herself wearing them. Making your product stand out is important in every marketplace Depop is no exception. From how to make a successful Depop shop and promote it, to unique personal success stories we chat tosome of our top sellers who explain how they got there with their own hard-earned tips. You can set discounts from 5% to 95%. WebHere is a brief summary of the top Depop guidelines that will help put you on a path to success. Whatever your objectives are, selling on Depop can be lucrative if you learn how to do it well! Its easy to get started just create an account to start selling. Fore more information, check out our top tips for selling on Depop. Or is it just an aesthetic synonym for bundle post? You can create private listings using the new listing tool. Decide your price. ), and BLEMISHES! Add your first task. Finally, finish your description with any extra reasons why a buyer should purchase from you this could be your shops policies or shipping info. Heres a reward in the form of a 10% discount code on your first month ofCrosslist (add during check-out). Youll need good photos for all items listed on your shop, and thisll help your items sell more quickly. Go to "Bulklisting" in your selling hub onweb. If youre working on becoming a Top Seller, check out the requirements and join our Level Up program. Include details about its fabric, and if the item has any flaws be sure to include these, too. You use Depop Payments to process the sale: You can use our Depop fee calculator to help you calculate profitability when pricing your items. I dont use depop shipping but my own and I use pirate ship, they have a 4x6 option. For more information, please see our Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Selling fees, explained. Vintage. Plus, provide a good and honest experience for your customers so they want to keep shopping with you in the future. This is a great opportunity to create some original content, so feel free to play around with locations and angles that compliment what it is youre trying to sell. Creative backgrounds work well and it doesnt need to be complicated. All quotes and testimonials included below were provided in response to that request. F#. Then tap Post to share these to your Instagram Stories. WebQuantity (if applicable): If there are multiple available, select the specific amount when creating your listing. Lighting that causes harsh shadows never looks good. Listing often and being consistent in your listing is the first step to becoming successful on Depop. Pro tip It will give your potential customers an additional sense of authenticity. Were sisters and we run our shop together, and our bio has this at the beginning.. ; Run service when locked: This allows the lock function to be active even when the screen lock is active, and you can activate the screen lock at any time. On the Depop.com website. All these things are essential when it comes to how to sell successfully on Depop, and will clear the pathway to your own Depop stardom. You're nearly there all thats left to do is rewatch the video to make sure youre happy with the footage. The photos are likely to be the first impression a buyer gets of your item, so its essential that theyre of good quality. Always be honest and realistic with your pricing. Leaving these imperfections on a garment could distract your potential buyer and make them think twice about purchasing it from you. You can have a chat with us throughMessenger. Got some items you want to sell? I just thought there must be a way to make a listing private for someone? But how and where do you start when it comes to gaining an income from our platform? Are all clothes washed prior to shipping? Make sure you offer your customers a memorable and smooth experience, and you might find that they keep coming back for more. Why do you make items inactive? Its worth taking the time to iron wrinkles out, carefully remove any marks and repair any buttons that may be loose. Isabel Berwick. WebSigning up with Depop Payments is easy on the Depop app. If you want to optimize your approach further to sell fast on Depop, read this Depop article to learn which type of mens and womens clothing sells best during different seasons. From using your phone to capture those unique details and accents to finding creative ways of standing out from the crowd, there are lots of reasons to add some more content to your online store. Firstly, by creating videos for your Depop listings, you will give buyers a more realistic understanding of the products youre trying to sell. Its rare that youll find a Top Seller who doesnt do this and its something I wish I had known when I was starting out. Printed design? A sub for discussing all things Depop. Your listings will appear in your drafts a few minutes later and youll receive an email when the upload is done. When evaluating what you can sell quickly on Depop, consider things like sneakers, streetwear, and designer labels. WebCreate a separate Instagram with all your products and use all Depop related hashtags. "Just go for it," she said, adding that the benefit of Depop is that you can do it from your bedroom and it's easy to use. Tip: For tasks you and your coworker are collaborating on, you can create a shared to-do list in a canvas. Add more light to your photos. Here's a list of the top 6 unusual and groundbreaking programming languages to learn in 2023. So keep your finger on the pulse in terms of celebrity styles and hot fashion news. Many top Depop sellers use social media to notify their followers about new listings. Follow the simple steps below to create hundreds of listings at once. Repeat. Your email address will not be published. Whatever your style. Might be a stupid question but Ive been on depop for 2-3 years and to this day I still dont understand what a private listing is. There are a couple of really simple ways of doing this. Broaden your sights and get creative with where you can acquire stock from with time and experience you should have a number of sources that work for you. Using flat lays, model shots and close-ups can allow you to attract customers and increase sales. Describe what youre selling. Near the bottom of your canvas, click the check list icon. If you want to make some real money from Depop, you need to create a following. Read on and get ready to take your own shop to the next level. The most important things youll need are a decent camera (most smartphones will be able to do the job), a clean backdrop and a light source. Its a straightforward way of earning some extra money and clearing out your closet. If you entered anything incorrectly, youll see error messages appear on the upload page. WebIn today's episode of our Ultimate COMPLETE Beginner's Guide to Selling on Depop Series, we're going over what you should consider when optimizi Hi everyone! Find it on Depop. Set up shop. A stock photo is an image that has been taken from another website without their permission. Take the guesswork out of what the buyer usually likes to consider when shopping online. What are stock photos? as well as other partner offers and accept our. Plus, selling those pieces you no longer wear will give you the closet space for some new-to-you purchases from other secondhand sellers. Find it on Depop. Before you upload your images, double-check that all your content is in focus any shaky or smudged shots should be removed. Carry out the listing process in a less time-consuming way, so you can spend more time growing and showcasing the items in your Depop shop. Bundle discounts? When it comes to how to make a good video, one of the most important things is framing your shot correctly..Youre one step closer to shooting the video, so its time to think about placement and positioning. So choose a wide range of pieces in different sizes, colors and fits. counterfeit items, replicas, and unauthorized copies. Remember that great photos are crucial to grabbing a buyers attention (more on that later in the article). Try using a backdrop that doesnt divert the buyer's attention from the product. In fact, Depop listings that use video are, on average, around twice as likely to sell within 30 days. It will help you see how many similar products have been sold. About 1 in 5 buyers (21%) uses a direct-mail newsletter, flyer or postcard to find a real estate agent.4 Although sending real estate mailers might seem like a dated practice, its still an effective method. Nearly all scams happen when sellers take communications and transactions off of the marketplace. Choose how you want to ship the item (using Ship with Depop is easiest). To find it, go to If its a well-lit area then youll be able to showcase your item in the best way possible. Though listing an item is technically free, each platform takes a percentage of your sale to cover other fees. 4. A mix of four different images is always a good idea - a model shot, a flat lay, and two close-ups. Research how similar items are priced by other Depop sellers. Anything you think buyers would be interested in knowing about whatever it is youre selling. Want to start listing on Depop? Upload 4 photos for every item. WebA great Depop tip to help sell your items faster is to respond quickly to inquiries. WebPrinting a Depop shipping label is quick and easy. Ideally, your product should face towards a window, or an artificial source of soft light, to reduce the chance of shadows. You can sign up using either the Depop app or through depop.com. Streetwear. When you When selling online, you should ensure that the images you utilize are attractive and clear. For example, did you know that shipping costs account for 61% of all shopping cart abandonments? One lady made a purchase and then decided after she had paid she wanted another item. But thesecret of how to be a successful Depop seller lies in setting your shop up well, communicating with your customers openly and building your own personal brand. They quit their jobs in June 2020 to work on the brand full-time. If it fairly reflects the quality of the product, customers are more likely to have a positive experience and then return to buy from you again. F# (read F sharp) is a close competitor of the ever-famous Python, and its simplicity and brevity continue to add their unique flavors to the languages essence. WebFrom how to list on Depop, to making a listing work for you in terms of great sales, follow these useful listing tips to take you to the top in no time: 1.

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