MITA has received more hard copies of the MDOT 2020 Standard Specifications for Construction Book that are available to be picked up at the MITA office. MDOT's seven region offices each handle transportation-related construction, maintenance and programs within the region's geographic boundaries. os 6x9M`U @~#o _ar'(@ J Guidelines for Assessing Liquidated Damages, Suggested Wording When Assessing Liquidated Damages, Division 5 - HMA Pavements and Surface Treatments,, AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials Software Manual, 202 - Removing Trees, Stumps, and Corduroy, 203 - Removing Drainage Structures, Culverts, and Sewers, 204 - Removing Miscellaneous Structures and Materials, 206 - Excavation and Backfill for Structures, 208 - Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control (NPDES), 406 - Precast Three-Sided, Arch, and Box Culverts, 604 - Contractor Quality Control for Concrete, 605 - Contractor Quality Assurance for Concrete, 701 - Portland Cement Concrete for Structures, 703 - Mortar and Concrete Patching Repair and Resurfacing Mixes, 710 - Waterproofing and Protective Covers, 714 - Temporary Structures and Approaches, 715 - Cleaning and Coating Existing Structural Steel, 716 - Shop Cleaning and Coating Structural Steel, 802 - Concrete Curb, Gutter, and Dividers, 803 - Concrete Sidewalk, Ramps, and Steps, 804 - Concrete Barriers and Glare Screens, 807 - Guardrail, Guardrail Terminals, and Miscellaneous Posts, 810 - Permanent Traffic Signs and Supports, 812 - Temporary Traffic Control for Construction Zone Operations, 821 - Preservation of Land Monuments and Property Corners, 822 - Ground or Cut Centerline and Shoulder Corrugations. % a5y7/~F5Y^c23|Z[8F=qwV ybK2#$mRF/(hnpNFUTFEcEFjAnH The group is responsible for pavement preservation specifications, technical issues related to pavement preservation, and evaluation of new product and method innovations. The topics include standards, design-build, bridges, sediment control, stormwater, materials, access & mobility, and more. These liquidated damages, when applicable, may be combined with liquidated damages described in subsection 108.10.C.1. xK`sTNe-N4V*5>FXqo_.jN? stream For the additional weather delays LD do apply and the formula for calculating this is located in section 108.08D.01. BSF7_i 0f>`9VaR 3n%: ( KB) Generally, liquidated damages will only be assessed due to lack of effort, organization or ability to perform on the Contractors part. 4 0 obj<> The November 2014 edition will be Gold with Blue lettering. %PDF-1.7 Northbound I-75 closure for culvert and pavement maintenance in Genesee County starts May 5. xcd``da`d KY&00G102``bHaF fbf fbV fbv various construction items, representing the current policies of the Click to subscribe. A unique special provision must be developed when applying liquidated damages for other department costs. This work shall be completed where the existing location of potential xc```b``d11 3PQ This results in 30 days of time over the allotted contract time. Buy America - Pay Items and Materials that Require Step Certification MDOT has ongoing government-to-government communication with 12 federally recognized sovereign tribal governments whose lands are situated within Michigan. Engineering Week videos and lesson plans are all-inclusive resources to show early elementary to high school students the career of civil engineering at MDOT. Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), approved for repetitive Structural Steel and Aluminum Construction] and other contract requirements. Panelboards (Section 262416) 7. The monetary amount of damage per unit of time must not exceed the user delay monetary amount per unit of time. 4445 0 obj <<4edf015c2642bb4ffbfbef34d9069e43>]>>stream Providing the highest quality integrated transportation services for economic benefit and improved quality of life. Any uses of These given bad weather days are exempt from Liquidated Damages (LD) per 108.08 of the Standard Specifications for Construction. Local Public Agency (LPA) Safety & Education. Door Hardware (Section 087100) 2. They are important to the execution of a project because they serve as a basis for common understanding of the charges between the contractor and the agency and the process that the contractor will follow when completing the project. In 1945 the Institution of Civil Professional and the Federation of Civil General Contractors spent ampere standard set of General Conditions of Contract for use in connection with works of civil engineering construction. Transportation (MDOT) 2020 Standard Specifications for Construction, except as herein provided. There is no specified Open to Traffic Date. The Bureau of Transportation Planning develops and implements a comprehensive transportation planning process which results in investments that are consistent with the policies of the State Transportation Commission. (Information Only), MDOT 2012 Standard Specifications for Construction, Aggregate Source Inventory Database & Bituminous Mix Design Nomograph Guide, Manual for the Michigan Test Methods (MTM), Materials Quality Assurance Procedures (MQAP), Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Manual, Buy America - Compliance Listing for Approved Manufacturers, Qualified Products List and Tested Stock Suppliers %PDF-1.5 % gh!6@Pv, X;p Books can also be shipped to your office or may be hand delivered by a MITA staff member if they plan a visit to your office in the near future. exclusive purpose of this electronic publication is to provide Updated contact info for MDOT Construction Contracts Engineer. Transportation Reality Check takes on some of these myths, and explains why MDOT does things the way they do. 2020 Standard and Supplemental Specifications for Construction and Materials (July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021) (ZIP, 8.4 Mb) 2019 Standard and Supplemental Specifications for Construction and Materials (July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020) (ZIP, 12.3 Mb) If Sworn Statements and Waivers of Lien Documentation The contractor will provide and maintain a QCP for welding non -main member pile splices to produce welds that meet the . . Vertical change lines have been added to indicate text that has changed from the 2018 edition. August 30, 2018 August 29, 2020 Three 1-year August 29, 2022 PAYMENT TERMS DELIVERY TIMEFRAME Net 45 As directed ALTERNATE PAYMENT OPTIONS . Every year, MDOT produces an updated version of the state transportation map. Liquidated damages for department oversight costs are specified in subsection 108.10.C.1 of the Standard Specifications for Construction. At MDOT, safety is paramount. endobj Research Administration supports and promotes innovative research that encourages safe, sustainable and cost-effective transportation solutions throughout Michigan. 101.02. The template is included as Page 2 of this document. MaineDOT Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), Maine Atlantic Salmon Programmatic Consultation, Division 600 - Miscellaneous Construction, Supplemental Specifications (Corrections, Additions, & Revisions to Standard Specifications - March 2020), Supplemental Specifications (Corrections, Additions, & Revisions to Standard Specifications - November 2014). Specifications describe the nature of work to be complete, materials to be used, and construction processes to be followed. Standards This work consists of exploratory excavation investigation work required to locate active, abandoned, or unknown underground utilities in three dimensions as-directed by the engineer. Resources for general work zone mobility guidelines for engineering and technical staff. If additional work has been performed or will be required, if contract quantities have been increased sufficiently, or if delays not the fault of the Contractor have occurred (on calendar day projects), the Engineer may recommend that a portion, or perhaps all, of the estimated additional time required be without assessment of liquidated damages. MDOT 2020 Standard Specifications for Construction, MDOT 2020 Standard Specifications for Construction with Errata Incorporated Ensure pavement marking lines are straight, or of uniform curvature. %PDF-1.5 % MDOT Traffic. 100 0 obj <>stream manuals. Winter Weather. Clearly specifications serve an important purpose, but they are not rigid. 99 0 obj <>>> endobj 101 0 obj <>/XObject<>/ExtGState<>>>>>/Contents 102 0 R/CropBox[0 0 792 612]/Rotate 0/Parent 92 0 R>> endobj 102 0 obj <>stream Building Automation Systems (BAS) (Section 230900) 3. A list of current specifications for pavement preservation projects follows. - MDOT 2020 Standard Specification for Construction Posted on November 4, 2022 Category : Engineering MITA has received more hard copies of the MDOT 2020 Standard Specifications for Construction Book that are available to be picked up at the MITA office. MDOT MAA Special Product Requirements 1. Resources for local governmental agencies that regularly require access to state right of way. Publications Email Updates, Road and Bridge Standard Plans - Complete Book, Road and Bridge Standard Plans - Distribution Package. Printed copies are available by calling the bid document sales department at (207) 624-3220, or at their office MnDOT Standard Specifications for Construction 2020 Volume II - Division II (PDF) The 2020 edition is effective for most projects let on or after Jan. 27, 2022. The web Browser you are currently using is unsupported, and some features of this site may not work as intended. The site provides an interactive mapping platform that helps visualize department data, analyze patterns, track assets, and strengthen transportation planning efforts across the . The Standard Specifications for Construction is the standard for the basic requirements governing the materials, equipment, and methods used in construction contracts administered by the Michigan Department of Transportation. These liquidated damages are not to be described in the progress clause, incentive special provisions, the special provision for maintaining traffic, or any other contract documents. There are also two privately-owned and operated border crossings: Ambassador Bridge and Detroit-Windsor Tunnel. To request a number of copies and arrange for a pick up or shipping, please complete the 2020 MDOT Spec Book order form. In the absence of any justification for an extension of time without assessment of liquidated damages, it is recommended that the completion date be extended to (date) with liquidated damages to be assessed after Y. At MDOT, we want to ensure your voice is not only heard, but makes a difference in moving Michigan forward. MaineDOT Twitter Edition, NOT the 2002 version that has been used for the past 12 years. The Contract Modifications, which follow or accompany the request for extension of contract time, should merely revise the contract completion date according to the approved Form 1100A and should include a statement that the amount of liquidated damages will be determined following completion of the project and determination of final contract quantities. A list of current specifications for pavement preservation projects . The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is responsible for Michigans nearly 10,000-mile state highway system, comprised of all M, I, and US-routes. MDOT has seven region offices and several geographically located Transportation Service Centers (TSCs) in each region that handle transportation-related construction and maintenance programs. The 2018 edition is effective for most projects let on or after Jan. 26, 2018, through Jan. 27, 2022. "Work Zone Safety and Mobility Manual" $T@`@db-X4;'Mxv!H The Internship Program offers undergraduate and graduate students interested in civil engineering and construction management careers, valuable experience by working with professional field staff. MDOT provides funding for competitive grant and loan programs primarily, but not exclusively, for state and local road agencies for the greatest impact on economic development and job creation. YDMP provides participants with opportunities to pursue higher education, personal growth, and exposure to transportation careers. provided is a product of MDOT and is intended for information only Change lines are in the in the left and right margins bordering paragraphs with change(s). g$e9s There are The cost per copy is $10 plus $5 shipping. through the MDOT LAP Section. located on the first floor of the MaineDOT Child Street building. The office is responsible for media relations, social media, and website development. 2020 SPEC Books are $14/ea. Calculation of Liquidated Damages due to weather: If you have any questions regarding the book or specifications, please contact George Macdougall at CONTRACTOR RESPONSIBILITIES . You will need Adobe (Note: X = Original contract time in working days + any previously authorized extensions without damages). Provide general certification per MDOT's Materials Quality Assurance Procedures Manual to the Engineer that the materials meet the requirements specified herein. endstream endobj Safety Education. Construct and seal E3 expansion joints in accordance with subsection 602.03 of the Standard Specifications for Construction and Standard Plan R-39 Series, except as The information cities and are used in conjunction with the Standard Specifications Click here to access 2020 Standard Specifications for Construction The 2020 Standard Specifications for Construction may be ordered by contacting the MDOT Publications Office. U19.cR&|:U_$|N_Z3~/wH,4(1cqH~K=K0-REatdzc JRb5 ~e8A%fzO8rSh 4~s9b?Cs endstream endobj 2 0 obj<> Subsection 811.03.B of the Standard Specifications for Construction has been verified which states the following: Apply sharp, well-defined markings, free of uneven edges, overspray, or other visible defects, as determined by the Engineer. 3 0 obj<>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]>>/MediaBox[0 0 612 792]/Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> For tables, each row with change(s) has heavy vertical outside border lines on both sides. xn8@|4IQ(Elw{p8%[(BrF9p\Kvtzsy;;e/D*D(E)E|;A1`y. Air Flow Monitoring System (in Meters and Gauges, Section 230519) 4. sheet of a set of construction plans. Certified Payroll Status Record Project Information used in MDOT contract checklists are contained in five separate pull-downs: Frequently Used Special Provisions, Notice to Bidders, Supplemental Specifications, Maintaining Traffic Typicals, and Standard Plans (Road, Bridge, Pavement Marking, Sign and Work Zone). user delays costs) for other department costs must be documented and placed in the appropriate project folder in the ProjectWise directory. The other 24 days are due to circumstances under the Contractors control. endstream endobj endstream endobj Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) Compliance Guidance for Temporary Traffic Control Devices in Work Zones These damages represent the additional cost of engineering and supervision due to a contractor's failure to open to traffic or complete work within the specified contract time. Note: this example is after September 15th and that there is a different factor to apply for projects with completion dates before September 15th and also for the partial months of April and November. xc```b``xr, K" 0C1kbPQ@h +X { A PDF of the publication is available on the MDOT website. j*#N"YsW A;Q\Y\'DY~}ji MDOT's Highway Programs focus on the development and management of the department's roadsides, environmental efforts and policies, and federal-aid highway information. 99 0 obj <> endobj 101 0 obj <>>>/Contents 102 0 R/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/CropBox[ 0 0 612 792]/Rotate 0>> endobj 102 0 obj <>stream The HBCU TDRP is a unique partnership between MDOT and Michigan colleges and universities to offer on-the-job training to undergraduate students pursuing degrees in engineering or transportation-related careers. Standard Highway Signs. Standards and Specifications Construction and Material Standards and Specifications Here you will find the detailed information you need to work with the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA).

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